Waffle time….

Another laundry day for me, as usual very tired and hungry.  Started very early because loads of laundry for me again.  I am done with my laundry around 12 noon, eat lunch and shower then took a long nap.  Woke up at 5 in the afternoon and my energy is back just fet very hungry.  Looking for food but no food except for rice.  I cannot take rice for I am on a diet.  Just drinking water so that my stomach will feel full.

Good thing my sister arrived from work and bring some waffles for us.  My sister’s arrival is a blessings because I am so hungry and I needed some foods to eat.  As she enters the house, she said waffles for snack everyone!
She always bring snack for us when she get home from her work.  Even though she is now married she still do bring food for us to eat and share.  How blessed we are to have her and me to have a sister like her.  My empty stomach is now full because of the waffles that my sister brought for us to eat as our snack.  Even it is just a simple snack, we are happy and full.  Yummy!

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