World Pool…

I love to watch different kinds of sports.  To me it is exciting to see people excel in that kind of field.  Pool or billiards sports is not of my favorite.  Although I watch it sometimes, I always think that it is boring even if there are Filipino players have been known for this kind of sports worldwild.  To me it is not that challenging becuause this is the kind of sports that is no sweat.  A kind of sports that only elite people will appreciate and like.

But today while I am resting at home watching tv and I keep on changing one channel to another, it leads me to a channel where they aired the world poker pool.  And it is about to an end, they are  closer to final.  I saw player from the Philippines figthing against Taiwan team.  It interest me and I have decided to watch until the end of game.  While watching I appreciate more the beauty of this sports.  It is exciting and nerve racking especially when the player missed to shot the ball on the pockets.  Luckily the Philippine team won and they are on their way to final.  Hopefully they will bring home the bacon and bring honor to the Philippines.  From today I will surely love this sports and will be added to my favorite sports to watch.

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