Fiesta Celebration…

Just a quick post for me today as I am in net cafe just dropping by here to post and update my blog.  We are clebrating the fiesta in our place today.  A little tired because I go to market with my older brother to buy what we needed for cooking.  Wake up very early and never get the chance to take a nap because it is a very day for me today.  As I am expecting to net connection to be cut off within this week, sad to say it was cut off this afternoon. 

We are celebrating our fiesta we are happy sharing foods and singing, even if my net connection got cut off.  I will go back to net cafe like I used to do before.  Hopefully I will get back my net connection in a week or so.  To my reader and voewers, my deepest sorry if I wont be able to update and give you something to read a new post of mine.  From time to time I will update my blog until my connection gets back.  Until here….hope to be back soon.  God bless all! muahhhhh

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