Pizza after dinner

I have been avoiding yummy foods for the past months because I am in the process of losing some weight.  I am aiming to bring back the body I used to have before.  And also doing it for myself and health reason.  If there is a yummy foods in the table or in the fridge, I just eat a bite just to taste it.  I admit I am on a strict diet for myself because of people around me telling I am so fat.  Although I am used to it, but sometimes it hurts deep inside me.  To me I know I am fat just do not tell it to my face.  That is also another reason why I want to loss some weight.

Well now I loss a little and still doing my diet for me to get what I am aiming for.  It is hard but my determination to do it for myself is strong that I can make it one day.  But tonight I forgot the word DIET, it is because my sister-in-law bought a very yummy pizza.  I told myself let me eat for once because pizza is calling me.  I should have not eat dinner but they got home late that I already eat dinner.  I eat one slice only but a big slice for me.hahaha  I do not deprive myself too much from eating what I like to eat.  I am so full tonight and I promise to pay it back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. 

One Response to “Pizza after dinner”

  1. anne says:

    or the day after tomorrow kay fiesta ugma hahaha