Kicks inside her womb…

This afternoon after my sister got home from her work, she brought a bread for us to share with the kids and my father.  We have spaghetti inside the fridge good to pair with loaf bread.  We are having our afternoon snack after my sister got home from her work.  While having some talking and eating, her tummy is moving.  She said her baby inside her womb is kicking her.  It is cute to see her tummy have a little movement.  Maybe her baby is having some snack too and wanted to join in our talking.

Indeed she has a very healthy baby inside her womb.  A little one that we are waiting for her/his arrival.  Another cute member in the family that is about to come three years from now.  We are so excited and looking forward to see this little angel.  Especially me I am excited to carry this angel in my arms, I do like baby and taking care of it.  To this little angel inside my sister’s womb, still healthy and strong.  We are looking forward to see you and excited to see you experience the beauty of life. 

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