His Beloved Sound System…

My brother is a music gadget addict.  He dreamed to buy his own sound system after his college graduation and got a job.  He said that his first project will buy a nice sound system of his dream.  A sound system that we will use every time there is occasion in the house.  After years of saving he did buy the sound system of his dreams.  It has been two years now since he bought it.  We always used it if we are in the mood for having karaoke in the house. We are not a family of singers but we do love to sing.  Our family bonding is through singing.

Yesterday we are having some karaoke in the house.  Me, my younger brother and some friends.  We are having some fun when the sound system suddenly stopped.  We do not have any clue why it stopped.  After my brother gets home from work, we told him what happened to his sound system.  Since he is a technician, he checked it.  He is so angry to find out that there was a short circuit that is why it stopped.  We are so sorry for what had happened.  Now his sound system needs to be repaired by an expert.  He is not talking to us now.  We understand him because we broke his beloved sound system.  Hope that it will be fixed soon.  And after it got fixed, we will promise not to use it again without him.

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