Intriguing Chicken Feet…..

It has been said the Filipinos do eat anything like in chicken.  Aside from the body itself Filipino people do eat the head, intestine, liver, heart and feet of chicken.  They almost eat all parts of the chicken.  Others are shocked and even said it is grouse to eat those parts of chicken especially the feet.  I have seen vendors selling those parts and lots of people are buying and eating those parts.  They said it is yummy and others do use chicken feet as their ‘pulutan’.  ‘Pulutan’ means a food or dishes they eat while drinking and having fun especially guys.

It is also my brothers favorite when they are in the mood to drink and have fun.  After having our dinner this evening, my brother cook chicken feet in adobo style kind of dish and buy rum for them.  While watching them eating it my mouth waters.  I don’t really eat chicken feet but seeing my brothers, father and sister-in-law eating it makes me want to try it for once.  As I am intrigued by this chicken feet, I did try to eat a piece.  It is really yummy because my brother is a good cook.  Eating it is fun because of what it inside the chicken feet after the skin.  I would definitely eat the next time my brother buy and cook chicken feet again.  If you happen to read this post, I know you will say ewwww.  But it is really yummy, try it once and experience the taste of chicken feet.  Yummy!

One Response to “Intriguing Chicken Feet…..”

  1. BC Folk says:

    a.k.a. adidas… it's funny, but I'm scared to eat that, because of a horror movie I watched when I was younger where there was a claw that looked like the adidas. But I do love eating isaw though. 😀