Christmas song makes me sad…

When the month of September arrives, mostly radio stations are playing different kinds of Christmas songs.  And starts the countdown for Christmas.  The celebration for Christmas is very long for it starts in the months ending in ‘ber’.  There are songs that are jolly one that is intended for kids, love songs, and songs for the family.  It is good to listen to this kind of songs while waiting for Christmas day.  It is like feeling the warmth of this season.  A season of giving and loving. 

Early this morning I heard Christmas song playing on the radio.  I don’t know why but every time I hear this kind of music it makes me sad.  Something that is empty inside me and I was longing for something I do not know.  Especially if I hear the song that really makes me sad.  Other do like to hear it and it is one of their favorites, but to me this particular song makes me sad.  Though I like hearing it even makes me sad.  Maybe because I am thinking of my mother.  Its been years since we are celebrating Christmas without her.  I have this feeling when my mother passed away.  Twenty two has gone but still I have this loneliness inside me.  Want to feel the warm of her love and embrace.  As I am writing this post, I am thinking of my mother.  The person that made me who I am today.  My inspiration and my angel through all these years.

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