My double extra large friend….

This post of mine is about my friend who is double extra large.  And I have to ask permission from him before do the writing.  In respect to him as a person.  Our friendship started just recently but we have this so called chemistry.  Feels like we are friends for a long time.  We are sharing everything about life, our thoughts, and perceptions in life.  Talking to him is never a dull moment.  I felt sorry when he felt he is been hurt before because of his body built.  Well, he has this extra large body that girls wouldn’t like.  Being fat is never a sin, just that not likable to others.

As we are talking, we came to a topic of losing some weight.  It is a good topic for I myself have experienced of being rejected because I am fatty.  I am into the process of losing some weight for myself and also for heath reason.  As a concerned friend, I want him to lose some weight.  Although he said he is healthy, nice body built is better to look and good to look at.  Being big and fat is not an issue to me because our friendship does not depend on that.  Just want to lose a little for his self confidence and find the happiness he is looking for.  The happiness that comes from a girl who will love him for him.  We are motivating each other for us to make our goals of losing weight.  Though I have found my happiness already, I want him to find his also.  I meet him with extra size and would remain in my mind that he is my one and only double extra large friend.

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