Feel and listen to those signs…..

Early this morning when my brother-in-law is about to go to work, he noticed that the tire of his motorcycle is flat.  He wonder why it is flat since he just used it the night before.  He went directly to vulcanizing shop to have it fixed.  After the tire is fixed, he went back home to get his things before going to work.  When he got home, he noticed again that the lock of the tire is gone.  He went back to the vulcanizing shop to find it but he didn’t find it. Since they have two motorcycle, he decided to use the old one because the new one is not in good condition.  Even though its too late, he still go to his work.

Around three o’clock this afternoon, my sister received a text message from her husband saying he is in the police station because of slight motorcycle accident.  Good thing nothing serious happened to him and no bruises or anything.  Sometimes we have to listens to those signs that we have encountered every time we are going somewhere.  Those that had happened to him before he went to his work is a signs that his day is not that good and he has to take extra careful.  Those things are telling us not to go or take extra careful.  Signs that comes from God that guide us and protect us from possible accident.  All we needed is to listen to it and feel the message of those things.  God’s protection and guidance are working on a different way.  A way that is hard for us to understand.  Feel it and listen to what are the true messages that is trying to send us by those signs.

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  1. some genuinely interesting points you have written.