They go fishing….

I remember when I was young, my older brother wants to go fishing. He wants to go to beach or lake to caught some fish.  When he is out of sight and nowhere to find, my late mother assumed that he went fishing again.  No way my late mother can stop him from doing it.  He would rather be with oldies and go fishing with them than to be with his friends and play.  That is how my older brother is addicted to go fishing.  We sometimes tease him that maybe in his past life he is a fisherman.

Even now that he is older and have a family of his own, he still loves to go fishing.  When  his friend gave him a broken fishing rod, he was so happy and excited.  He tried to fix it so that he can use it the next time he will go fishing.  He spent time and money just to get the broken fishing rod be fixed.  The long wait is over because his fishing rod is fixed and can be use for fishing.  Early this morning, him and our two other brothers go with him.  They go fishing as he is excited to use his fishing rod.  They went happy and go home happy.  They caught several fish including the baby fish.  They are happy looking at the baby fish they caught.  He said if he has a better fishing rod he will caught bigger fish.  It was a good bonding for the three of them.  Never seen them laughing and happy for a long time.  Wish he can buy better fishing rod for the three of them.  So that they can do it again and be happy. 

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