The pearl necklace….

Today at school my two little nieces will be having their school presentation.  They call ‘Buwan ng Wika’ presentation day.  Students are required to wear different kinds of Filipino dresses.  My niece who is five years old wears a dress like one of the ‘manobo’ tribe.  It is a top and skirt ‘terno’ with a head dress.  It is very nice to look at.  My seven years old niece wears a muslim inspired attire.  She envied her little sisters head dress.  She also wants to put something on her head.

As I was fixing their hair, she keeps on crying for she really wants something on her hair.  I have explained everything to her but still she is crying to the point of not going to school.  I felt sad for she will going to missed her presentation.  I go over to my fashion jewelries, luckily I saw a pearl necklace which my sister left to me after her wedding and moved out of the house.  I get it and told my niece I have found something to put on her hair to make her more pretty.  Fortunately she likes it and the cry baby turns into a smiling baby.  Kids are kids, small things makes them happy and satisfied.  Thanks to the pearl necklace and my niece went to school happy and mable to participate in their presentation.  

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