Never get enough of it…..

One of my favorite actor in Hollywood is Keannu Reeves.  I like his looks, color, nose, hair and his not so big body.  I find him clean to look at, very pleasant and not dirty looking kind of actor.  He is like a ramp model to not an actor.  He has this baby face looking that catches my attention.  Being a good actor is a bonus from his being good looking.  Having said that, I do like some of his movie.  Some of his movies is not my cup of tea.  Because I am more into romantic and comedy or both.

One of his movie that I do like to watch is Sweet November.  I like the story happy, sad and felt the emotion of the actor playing the rule.  I have watched several times already, but I never get enough of it.  It is not that good one but I really do like the story.  Today I have watched it again, I do not know how many times. I memorized the scene but still I like to watch this movie.  Although it is not a happy ending, I like the idea of the writer that the ending is hanging.  Its like letting the viewers decide what ending they like.  They are giving the viewers something to think about after watching this movie.  That makes me like to watch it. I always make different endings after watching it, I like to be a happy one.  Even though it looks like a sad one, I want to make a happy one.  Because their love is pure, it is just not for them to have.

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