God is good…..

After being sick, my brother’s three kids are okay now.  They are now in good condition and back to being active in playing.  My brother and his wife are thanking God for He never lives them and always cleared their mind not to lost hope.  Their faith from God are even stronger after all the trials they have been through.  Debts are growing but they do not mind it, kids health are most important than any other things.  Now they sleep well because his kids are okay now.  Happy to see his kids playing and smiling.

A smile turns into a little sad on their faces because his two girls who are now at school have to pay their tuition fee for them to take the examination.  Another financial issue that comes in their life.  Although they save money for school obligation, they used it because his kids got sick.  They are finding a way where to find money to pay for school obligation.  They bet on a lottery here hoping to win a little amount to add to their a little.  They said betting on lottery is a sin for it is against God’s will.  But they do not have a choice but to try their luck.  Luckily last night they won a little amount.  Although it is against the will of God, they are very thankful for God always provide to those who keeps on believing in Him.  Keeping the faith and believing that God’s will always there.  Just hold on to Him and he will provide.  It is true that God is good all the time.

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