My father's request….

It’s been awhile since my father requested something he likes to eat.  Seldom to happen and when he wants it we have to follow.  My father is sickly nowadays, that is why every time he wants something we have to do it and give it to him because he gets angry right away.  Oldies lost their patience as they grow old.  That is why when he requested me to cook chicken adobo I have to do it even if I do not  like to  My father is a kind of a person that do not accept a NO for an answer.

Today he asked me to cook chicken adobo.  As a daughter who grew up afraid of him have to follow even if I don’t feel like cooking.  My own version of chicken adobe will be tested again.  its been a while since I the last time I cooked this dishes.  Although I am not a good cook, my family used to eat what I have cooked for them.  No choice I must say or they will get starve.hahaha  My sister used to call me the queen in the kitchen for that is my place in our house since my mother died.  My chicken adobo today turned out to be so yummy said my father.  He likes my talent in cooking, my one and only fan.  Even if I am not in the mood, his request was granted and we have a yummy lunch today.  Its a good feeling knowing that they like what I cook for them.  Even if it is a simple dish.

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