Calling by her name…

It has been days since she is waiting to talk to him again.  Hoping to patch things and will be back to normal.  The guy has left the country of the girl and returning to his country for good.  He decided to end the relationship for so many reasons, but the girl is still hoping for the possible come back.  After days of waiting, the guy contacted her.  She is the happiest girl on that day to hear his voice again for a long time of waiting.  It is like a dream come true for her.  Though she is not expecting too much, she cannot deny the fact that she missed him a lot.

By talking to him on the phone, only then she realized that it is over between them.  Totally over for the endearment is gone.  He is calling her by her name now, sad but she accepted it that there is no hope for them to be together again.  I felt so sorry after she is telling me for I felt in my heart that she is sad.  I am hoping that sooner she will finally move one and start a new life with a new love as well.  As a friend I always wish her happiness.  And praying that one day a man will come and love her for her.

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