His first SONA (state of the nation address)

Today is the day that all Filipino people are waiting for.  The first state of the nation address of the President of the Philippines.  P’Noy as he wants to be called by the Filipino  people.  Everybody is hoping for a big changes and a better country on the day he was proclaimed as the President of the Philippines.  He is a product of a both politician parents with good heart and everybody is expecting too much from him.

His first state of the nation address in a direct to the point message.  He is pointing people who are doing an unfair act from the past administration.  He is telling the people what is wrong with the country, what is the status of the government and he wants a clarification for some matters that involves the past administration.  Having said it, people are waiting for a resolution, an action and give justice for everybody.  He has made a very inspiring message for everybody, to all Filipino people who are wanting for a big changes.  People are believing in him that he is the answer for us to have a better place and a better country.  From this day forward, we are hoping a big action from the present administration.  God bless us!

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