A week of raining…

Here in my place is been raining for a week now.  I was not able to do my laundry the past days because water is so cold.  Also rain makes me feel very lazy, just want to lay down and hug my three pillows.  But today I feel the need to do my laundry before it reaches up like a mountain.  Funny but it is true, I have a lot of clothes to wash.  From my father, two brothers and mine.  Looking at it today makes me feel sick  So I have decided to do my laundry today even if it is still raining. 

At around four o’clock in the afternoon I am done doing my laundry.  I am so happy and relieved for I made my day fruitful.  Even if I am felt so lazy I am able to do my laundry.  Loads of laundry gives me a little pain at my back.  I took  nap and when I wake up I am not feeling well.  I do not know the reason, maybe because of the loads of laundry and the cold water.  I felt like having a fever.  The usual thing I do is to drink lots of water for me to get well. I hope I felt better by tomorrow. I am really sickly this year, not a good year for me and my health I guess.  But always give thanks to God for the life He has given to me and all the blessings.

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