Overnight at the Beach…

Last night we went to beach and stayed there overnight.  It is a treat to us from a friend who is now living in Norway and having vacation here in Philippines together with her family.  It was a memorable night for all of us for after three years we do see each other again and have a great bonding.  We filled the beach with fun laughter.  We have the whole night talking about our life and patches those days that we haven’t seen each other.  It is like looking back to the times when we are still young and at school.

Sharing foods is the most enjoyable things that we did last night.  Lots of foods in the table that are so tempting.  It was the night when all of us forgets the word DIET.  Its like the old times are back again, when we were younger and eat the foods that we like to eat.  Last night is the night that we are making another memorable things that is happening in our life as friends.  We ended the night with smile on our faces.  Though one night is not enough for three years of not seeing each other, we make sure that we are having fun and we did enjoy every bit of it.  It is sad to know that we have to count another more years for us to see each other again, she gave us a present that will surely never forget her.

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