The Art of Patience….

Sometimes our patience tested by time.  We choose to wait for someone, wanting things that not yet come and waiting for the right time to come.  These are the things that we will be tested how long our patient will be.  Patience is a virtue as they say, but we sometimes think it is not true.  Others say, it is case to case basis depending on the person who makes the promise to someone, and the other party patiently waiting for that day to come.  The day when all they have been waiting for is on their hands and happy to see it happening.

The true art of patience is if we are willing to wait for someone who made a promise to us.  Though promises are made to be broken, still we are hoping that it will come true for we have trust, faith and love for that someone that makes us decide to wait no matter what.  It is worth it to wait especially if we felt in our heart that  that someone is worth the time.  No matter how long it takes, it doesn’t matter for that person gives us the happiness we are looking and longing for.  Time wont be wasted waiting for someone who is worth the wait.  True love is the art of patience for it entails a never ending patience.

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