Investment of Feelings…

In the field of love, there is  good side and bad side.  Good side if we grow as a person and make us a better person.  Bad side if we are obsessed with someone.  As the song goes, too much love will kill you.  For true love is growing together, sharing things together and making each other felt loved and cared.  We do invested our feelings, emotions, time and effort.  We are taking a risk and gamble,  and sometimes forgot who we are. 

Though we are prone of being hurt and experience pain if it wont work out, still we are hoping that we will be with the one we love forever.  Loving someone is never easy,  we will encounter many trials and obstacles.  Our investment will be at risk for sometimes these obstacles might make us giving up.  It will be tested as times goes by.  Love is the greatest moment that is happening in our life, but can be the saddest moment if it will end and living a separate life.  If we are to invest our feelings, we should be ready all the time for possible things that might happen.  To love and be loved in return, that is the best result in this kind of investment. 

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