Problem with Net Provider….

Because of slow in internet connection, I was not able to update my site regularly.  Every time I started to type the net connection lost, this has been happening to a week now.  I have keep on calling the customer service asking for what is wrong, just to tell me there is something wrong with the base or they are having some maintenance.   It really irritates me for there was one time I was not able to pay my bills for almost two months, they called me and asking when will I pay my balance.  Sometimes I want to yelled at them for they are making update for the overdue accounts but service is not that good.

Today, my internet connection seems back to normal.  But I have decided to transfer to another internet provider.  This is too much for me to take, with slow and sometimes no connection at all I feel I am losing one half of my life.  Funny but it is true, as I am doing many things online.  Hopefully their connection is better now, if not I will not pay and transfer to other provider. 

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