The Good News….

Every one is hearing about the word ‘good news’.  To us catholic it refers to the words of God in the bible.  Words that will be our guide in everyday of our life.  Others to read it for them to understand more the life of Jesus.  The good news is pertaining to the acts of God, His miracles, journey and most importantly His teachings for us to be a better christian.  To spread this good news, God uses his disciples to do it.  His chosen people to tell to the world and to the people that God wants us to follow Him, and His words for we are His children.

Living the life God wants us to take is not that easy.  For we are tested by temptation around us.  We have given to many trials and challenges to test how are we as christian.  We have to preach His words also to others for them the know the good new.  But we have to do what we are saying as old saying goes, ‘PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACHED’.   We have to act also in accordance with our words and our preaching.  Helping others without hesitation is an action that God wants us to practice.  For we are here to help and we need to help others who are in need. But helping is not an obligation,  it should be done from the heart.  It is our heart that dictates us to do good to others.  For it is in our hearts where God really lives.  God bless everyone!

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