His first three steps…..

After the successful leg operation of my nephew last month, I am happy to see that he was able to make three steps today.  To me it was a mission accomplished for me.  I have been practicing him to walk for he will be turning one year old on July 18 of this year.  Seeing him doing his first time with a smile on his faces is so nice to see.  No one compares the smile my nephew has, even his two older sister when they were the same age with him.  The steps that my brother and his wife is missing for they both are working.  I am so blessed to see the development in him everyday. 

Time fly so fast nowadays, I am looking back since the day my nephew was born.  Now he is one year old and already gives us a lot of smiles on our faces and inside the house.  I am looking forward for his another more steps to perform until he finally can walk alone and play with his two sister outside.  They do play inside the house, his sisters are running around while he is crawling.  One day they will be playing and running around the house. My lovely two nieces and my charming little nephew, who makes me smile even if I am sad and angry sometimes.  Their smiles are my medicine. 

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