She cut her hair….

Yesterday morning my brother borrowed me my scissors.  They are plastering my nephew’s wound after his leg operation.  They forgot to return in back to me and I forgot to ask them where is it.  At noon time, my five years old niece came home from school.  I told her to change clothes and put her school uniforms in the laundry.  After preparing the table for lunch, I called her to go out from her parents room for it is time to eat lunch. 

While eating I have noticed that her hair is not even.  The other side is short and the other side is long.  I go directly to her parents room only to find out that the scissor is there and some of her hair.  I was so angry for I have told my brother to put sharp thing above reach of kids to prevent them from playing it.  Too late she already cut her hair.  After had our lunch, I get the scissor and drag my niece outside to cut her hair and make it on same length on the other side.  Good thing she like it and happy seeing her new hair.  She always bring comb, face the mirror and tell me ‘I am pretty tita’.  This little niece of mine is very stubborn yet funny.

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