Cleaning her new house…

My sister will be moving to her new house this saturday.  For the first house they are renting, the owner want them to move out of the house by sunday.  We immediately looking for  house, fortunately we found a new for rent house and it is near our house.  A little spacious house than the older one, two bedrooms and big living room.  My sister just got married so they will just rent a house to stay while saving money for the to buy their own house. 

Today, we went their to check the house and see what we needed to do before they move in.  We started cleaning the house from floor, ceiling, window and rooms.  Very tiring but fruitful day for me.  In a way it is like I am having an exercise.  Since my sister can’t help us most of the cleaning will be done by me and my younger brother.  We didn’t notice that we are almost and for we are having fun doing it.  After the cleaning season, we have a very nice snack.  Of course sponsored by my sister as we are doing the house cleaning.  A yummy burger is waiting for us.  We immediately clean the mess, lock the door and went home for the snack is already served.  Eating is the best part of all.

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