Leg Operation….

It has been months since my nephew’s leg is swelling.  I have been told my brother about it and they said it will  just vanish naturally.  They are not listening to me at all.  That was march when I have noticed it.  Now it is June and still the swelling is there.  My nephew will turn one year old next month, and still cannot walk.  He cannot stand still because he felt pain in his legs.  My father cannot stand it anymore, so he decided to talk to my brother.  Telling him that there is something wrong in my nephew’s leg.  Angry and scolded my brother, telling him my my nephew can’t walk they will be the one to blame. 

The following morning they go to doctor and have my nephew check up.  And then the doctor decided to have an operation to get the liquid and bad blood that in his leg swelling.  Last monday was the schedule of operation.  We are happy that it was a successful one.  Right now, my nephew is in the process of recovering and healing of the wound.  Hopefully he will get better soon so that he can now practice walking.  Today I can see that he can stand still.  Happy to see it and we are looking forward for his first step. 

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