Finally Found a House for Rent….

My newly wed sister is renting a house for they are still looking saving for them to buy a house of their own.  The owner of the house made a contract that they will stay up to the month of August.  All of the sudden the owner inform her last month that someone will occupy the house and she want my sister to move out.  We are angry but we can’t do about it because the owner has made a decision already.  My sister is irritated for almost everyday the owner is telling her to move out immediately.  How inconsiderate she is.

For almost a month of looking for a new house for rent, finally we found a house where my sister and her husband will rent and live.  She is very happy after got home from work my brother told her that we found a place for them to stay.  She felt relieve for she really needed to move out before she will lost her temper.   As much as possible she want to maintain a good relationship with the owner who is our neighbor also.  So, she decided to move out as soon as we find a place.  God is good for we find a place before this month end.

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