Her Lovelife's Journey….

As her sister’s told me, she has been through a lot.  Even sacrifices her own happiness just to help the family and her younger sister finish their schooling up to college.  She is a bread winner as her sister told me.  She has this strong ability to help the family financially.  Although she has been sacrificing her own happiness, it is a big accomplishment seeing her sister’s finishing their studies.  And it is right for her to find her own happiness. It is never too late for a person who has kind and loving heart. 

Through the help of technology, she meet her beloved man through online.  Their is a spark on their first meeting and end up into having in a relationship with him for years now.  She find her happiness with him and find the meaning of her life with him.  Her love life’s journey is coming true and will be together with this man this year.  Online meeting is now going to exchange their marriage vows.  Truly those with kind heart will be blessed by God.  She patiently waiting for this day to come and waiting for the right man to come and swept her heart away.  Her happiness and blessings are overflowing.  She is awarded with kind heart and very loving man.  Someone who deserves her love and her life. Her big day is fast approaching, I would like to say best wishes and congratulations.  May you two will be together forever.  For your love is made in heaven.  The kind of love that is full of prayers and God’s guidance and grace.

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