Carry Your Cross and Follow Me…..

 Jesus carry the cross on His way to Calvary.  And that cross is us, His people and our sins.  He carried that cross to save us for He loves us.  He doesn’t mind how heavy it is, His concentration is to be in the final destination.  The cross that symbolizes His death and our salvation for us to be free from sin.  This is the life of Jesus that is too difficult for us to follow. 

We too has different kind of cross that we carry in our life.  Trials, difficulties and challenges in life are the cross that we are going to carry for us to go on with life.  Sometimes we give up and choose to be on the safe side.  No suffering and no pain.  Some kids are crosses that the parents should carry.  Though it is very hard for them to discipline them but it is the right thing to do it to lighten that cross.  Being sick is another form of cross that people are carrying.  No home and no job is another form of cross that we are carrying.  Although these are too difficult to carry, God wants us to continue carrying it.  As he continue to carry His cross which is us and our sins.  Following Him doesn’t mean we have to die also, it is an act of giving our all for our love ones..  As He is doing it for He loves us, we have to do it for love also.  That is what He wants us to do, carry our cross and follow Him.  For in him there is bright, hope and better life. 

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