Wave from the Beach….

After a very stressful week for me, it is time for me to unwind and make myself relax.  And today is so perfect because my sister will be having their beach party together with her friends from church.  She invited me to go with her for she do not want to go alone.  I am so happy for I will be able to relax at the beach, the wind is so perfect for me.  Being at the beach makes me meditate and free my mind from thinking too much.  Although I am not alone, I did have fun watching their program and parlor games.  Looking at them playing parlor games is so cute.  Although they are no longer young ones, but playing those games makes them feel young again.

After the program and the games we ate lunch and then other go to beach and swim.   I did went to beach but just sitting on the sand and watching people having fun and watching the waves.  Seeing the waves is very relaxing for and the sounds of the waves after reaching the seashore is wonderful to my ear.  I felt relieved from stress with all that I have seen at the beach.  Indeed, beach is a nice place for me if I want to be alone and give some time for myself.  Free from all the things that I have done and think. Beach is a place to be for me.  Nice view, nice wind and feels like I am closer to nature.

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