Hormonal Attack…..

Have you ever felt that you want to cry? You want to shout? And you are sad and lonely for no reason?  They  say most women do have that feeling.  It is their hormones that is attacking them.  Things that women do not know what to do, they are confused of what they felt inside.  I have been told that women on the forty’s do have this odd feeling.  Menopausal stage in life as they say.  What bothers me is that, what about those at the age of thirty’s? 

I do have this kind of feeling today.  I felt like I want to cry and shout for no reason at all.  Funny but it is true, I have this feeling that the world is tumbling down on me and to my family.  No matter how I tried to tell myself I am okay, it never work out.  Feeling that my mind is fully loaded which in fact I never think at all.  I end up telling myself am I crazy.  I am not on my menopausal stage yet (lol),  so I think this is just hormonal attack.  As my friend told me that the women do have this kind of feeling.  Tomorrow I am going to beach with my sister, hopefully I will feel better.   I do not like this kind of feeling, feels like I am crazy and out of my mind.  I wish by tomorrow, my hormonal friend will be leaving and leave me with a smile on my face.

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