What A Day…!

Today is one tiring day for me.  Tomorrow is first day of school here in my country Philippines.  And my sister is a teacher.  She needs to arrange her things and decorate something to welcome her students this school year.  I have done it years back because I am her partner in doing her  classroom beautification and segregate things.  Make a new decoration inside her classroom.  Because of tomorrow’s first day of school, today we are arranging things again and making decorations inside her classroom.  And since she is in her first trimester of her pregnancy, she can’t do so many things because she gets tired easily.  To top it all I have to do extra for us to finish things in her classroom.  Although it is very tiring, it is a good feeling after I have done doing it.

Today also we are going to visit our uncle who is sick.  We are not able to visit him in the hospital, so we have decided to visit him at their house.  My father also want to know how he is doing.  Although we are tired, me and my sister went their to visit and know his condition.  After an hour of talking we have decided to go home for us to have some rest.  Go back to our home sweet home after been out and very tired.  What a day for us today.  But worth it because it is like a mission accomplished for both of us.  Its like hitting two (2) birds in one stone. Cheers!

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