He Bid Goodbye….

I have seen the smile in her every time she talks about her man.  I can see the glow in her eyes and the face of a so much in love person.  She shares almost everything of what is happening in her love life.  Though it is not all happy moments but even though they have misunderstanding they patched it together.  She is willing to wait and give everything for her man.  The love, care and understanding he needed was given to him.  Because she is in love and committed.  I could say that she is a one woman man.  Never want to play games.  She has this attitude to give fully 100% for their relationship to work out.  Praying that in the end they will grow old together and holding hands.

All her dreams fall down, like a sand castle that is hit by a big wave in the beach.  It is crashing down that no way to make it built again.  Tears are falling in her eyes when he said goodbye.  He felt being choked and he felt she didn’t understand him at all.  As a girlfriend, she has the right to know his whereabouts.  Months of not talking is like century to her.  He didn’t even bother to tell her what is wrong and what is going on.  This is the disadvantage of a long distance relationship with lack of communication.  I felt so sorry for my friend, and as a friend I am doing my best to make her feel better.  Make her feel that everything will be alright.  Everything happens for a reason.  Only God knows what is the reason.  If it is meant to be, he will comes back and bring back the loving feeling.  And hope when he comes back, no more waves to destroy her dream castle.

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