Craving for Green Mango….

One of my favorite fruit to eat is green mango.  I like it deep in soy sauce or salt with vinegar.  I felt the satisfaction if I taste the sour and strong impact after eating green mango.  My friends will say that I am like a pregnant woman who loves to eat green mango.  I just laugh about it and make fun of it.  I love eating green mango especially if I am not feeling well.  As I cannot taste the foods that I am eating that is why I only eat green mango.

This afternoon after taking a nap, I suddenly felt not good.  I feel that I am having a fever again.  I cannot taste what I am cooking.  And so I am craving for green mango for me to bring back my taste.  It is strange but that is one way for me to bring it back.  Luckily after dinner my friend came to our house and bring 5 pieces of green mango.  My mouth is watering very fast, so fast that I immediately peel the mango.  We usually have food trip here in our house, as we love to eat.  Eating is one of my family’s passion.  My friend said, we will have green mango for our food trip.  I am so happy that my craving for green mango is answered.  Thanks to my friend who buy mango for our food trip.

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