Today's Homily: Sharing…..

Its Sunday again,  I start my day going to church and attending a mass.  My week wouldn’t be complete if I am not attending a mass every Sunday.  It is my way of saying thank you to God for the blessings I have received.  As my sister is married, I went again alone because my nieces are still sleeping.  They usually go with me but today they both said no to me.  Laziness is attacking them today. 

The priest started the homily with a big question.  How can we solve the poverty in our country and in the world.  It is a big question for all of us because poverty is growing bigger each day.  We even asked, why God didn’t do something about it.  It is a selfish question to ask God because God made a big favor to us.  The gift of life that no one can do that except Him.  He gave us life, it is our responsibility to help each other.  If only we know the word sharing there is no poverty in the world.  Others do have lots of things to offer but didn’t want to.  They only give if they feel they do not need it anymore.  Others are obese because of eating too much, but other are thin because of empty stomach.  We have to share our blessings to unfortunate people, especially those who are abundant with it.  The true meaning of sharing, is when you give something that is important to you.  Give that makes you cry because you do not want.  Because that is the gift that comes from the heart.  I will always remember this saying, ‘ GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS, GIVE MORE UNTIL IT HURTS NO MORE’.  Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

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