They Are Back!!!

Its been a week since my nieces are not in the house.  I have experience a quiet house, free from all the noise and mess around the house.  My niece are the kind of kids who do not know the word clean.  They always leave messes every time they are done and tired of playing.  Which is very seldom to happen because they are one active girls.  But the good thing is they do help me clean their mess sometimes.  This past week, I am free from all those things.  Especially their fights.  They play and fight and play and fight.  I smiled because its been a week also that I was not able to use my stick.  A stick that I have to spank them if they do fight and being bad girl.  I missed them running around the house every time they

After a week of being away, a week of their vacation at their aunt’s place they are back today.  I am happy at the same time sad.  Happy because I missed them a lot and sad because all the mess, fight, and noise are in the house.  I am excited to see them, its like a years that I haven’t seen them.  I look after them for 7 years now, so a week will make me miss them a lot.  Later this evening they arrived.  And they go directly to me grab my hand and they bless.  Its a good thing that they always do that, bless our hands when they arrived or when we arrived.  One thing my family taught them to bless the hands of oldies.  I am happy to see that they never forget it.  Before they going to bed, they are happy to tell me that they play a lot in there aunt’s place.  Makes me think, are they making the same mess again?hahaha  To top it all, I am happy they are back and i kiss and hug them because I do miss them a lot.

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