A Kind Heart Friend….

From ten down to two.  My friends in college are married and have a family of their own.  Today I am attending another close friend of mine’s wedding.  We have been friends more than ten years now.  And seeing her happy on her very special day makes me happy also.  Although I am a bit little sad because it means we cannot see each other as often as we want because she is married now.  And at the same time happy because she is now with the man of her life.

Now, only me and Ada are left single.  But we do have someone in our lives, just not married yet.  To sum it up, it will be me and her will be seeing each other often.  We even more closer because we do spend time together, texting and talking online. Though we very opposite to each other, our friendship lasted for almost 10 years now.  I never imagine we have been friends for quite sometimes.  Truly opposites attracts, though our thinking is a little different we do compliment each other.  I appreciated her warm heart, helping me a lot sometimes makes me think how am I so blessed to have a friend like her.  She always lift me up when I am so down and do not know what to do.  Sometimes I feel so shy because of the help she has given to me.  To you my dearest friend, thanks for  the kindness you have given for me.  Love you and we will be friends FOREVER.

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