Her First Ultrasound….

At last my sister is at peace now having her first ultrasound.  An ultrasound to detect if the baby inside her womb has a heartbeat.  The laboratory needed by her OB to take for them to know if the baby is alive.  Her OB didn’t give her any vitamins yet unless she will have the ultrasound and give it to her.  After seeing the result the other day, we are very happy to know that the baby has a heartbeat.  I said to my sister, another member of the family is coming.  I can see in my sister’s face that she is happier now than before.  Although she is very happy seeing the result of her pregnancy test, now I saw double happiness in her face.

Tomorrow is her schedule to go to her OB to give the result of her ultrasound.  She can finally give my sister vitamins to keep the baby healthy and strong inside my sister’s womb.  A new angel will be giving us lots of smile soon.  We are looking forward to meet this angel early next year.  Indeed a baby gives laughter and happiness inside the house.  They are the icing on the cake of the couple.  The one that will bring the family more closer and happy together.  There are many reasons to go on with life, work hard for the future of the angel.  A father, a mother, and a baby will complete the happy family.  I am very happy for my sister because she has these blessings in life.  Praying for her continues blessings and love.  God is really good all the time.

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