A Quiet Day….

Last Saturday my brother and his family went to their in-laws.  They go visit there for a week because their grandfather is arrived from their province.  I am happy because I am free from my nieces who keeps on fighting with each other but the same time sad because no one will hug and kiss me for a week.  My sadness vanished because my seven years old niece yelled at me while on her way to the front door, ‘we will be back tita’ (tita is an aunt).  I took care of them for the past years so I am sad because I will surely miss them even if they are so stubborn. 

Although I am happy because no one will bug me and fighting in front of me, I missed them a lot today.  I miss when they are playing and running around the house.  No one asking too many questions in me and do not understand my answer.lol  As we go to sleep together and they sleep in my room, I miss them hugging me and saying goodnight to me.  A quiet and a lonely day and week for me because my lovely little nieces are not around.  I just wish they missed me too and think of me too.  I am looking forward for the weekends because they will be going home and the house is back to a noisy one.  The noise that irritates me and the noise that I will missed for a week. 

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