Urinary Tract Infection….

Since yesterday I am in pain.  Pain at the back below my waistline, I even thought maybe I have problem with my kidney.  I do not know how to sit properly, and i do not know how to position myself if I lay down.  It is really painful that I can say, OUCH!  I never have this kind of pain before.  Plus a little numb in my knees.  I am so scared because I don’t want to go to the hospital and being confined.  I really do not like to be in that place, being sick.  I told my sister about it because I need someone to help me how to ease the pain.  I am really in need today because it is really painful.

After telling my sister, she text her friend who is a nurse.  Told him everything about my complaint in pain and the kind of pain I am experiencing right now.  I am a little at ease because she said it is just a urinary track infection.  My worry of having kidney problem is gone.  Her friend told her that I have to drink 3 liters of water a day in 3 days and the pain will be gone.  I have started drinking water his afternoon and I am a little feel better now.    He told my sister that I should not eat too much junk foods, salty foods and drinking a lot of cola because it can cause urinary track infection.  Which I remember this week I ate too much junk foods and salty foods.  I promise not to eat those foods again, maybe I will eat in moderation.  But if I can avoid it much better.  Do not want to be in this kind of pain again.

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