Cough and Cold….

I always told myself not to get sick because it is hard to get sick especially nowadays that crisis is affecting all people.  Being sick added burden to my family.  As i do not have any job, I always take care of myself not to get sick.  But this week is not so good for me.  I got cough and fever which makes me so sad.  the only thing that I do not want to happen to me did happened to me.  Maybe I did not able to take care of myself enough.  Thinking about it makes me cry for I will give another problem to the family.  I also have back pain and I asked my sister to give me a massage. 

Looking back to it, I am really tired this week plus my brothers kids that I am taking care of has cough.  Maybe I got it from them.  And also the weather now is not so friendly.  Very hot at day time and then raining in the afternoon or at night.  I am not use to take medicine if I am not feeling well.  What I do if is to drink lots of water and take more time of resting.  But today I cannot be well if I don’t take medicine.  I am feeling really sick and i take medicine.  Another expenses and I am really sad.  But I keep on drinking water to make me feel better tomorrow.  I feel a little better now, hopefully tomorrow I am back for good.  I have realized, no matter how care you have for you body weather changes will get you sick.  So double the care to prevent our body from being sick. 

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