Thank You….(a music to my ears)

I am just a simple and ordinary human beings. I have been into a life where we needed more helps from other people. I have experienced the life where I do not know what to do and do not know where to go. Things that makes me so confused and sometimes ask myself, why we have this kind of life.? Why we have to suffer this kind of life? These questions had made me a better and strong person. 

This is the reason why I wanted to help people in my own little way. To bring a smiles to their faces brightens my day. Because I know the feeling of emptiness, and the feeling of looking something we cannot find. Every time someone or a friend ask for a help from me, I always try myself to help. Helping them as far as I could. I am not expecting something in return, just a simple thank you that comes from the heart. A word thank you is priceless and it is a music to my ear. For they are appreciating the simple things I did. Every christmas I give my old clothes to less fortunate ones. Clothes that I no longer use, and can be use by others. I do believe in sayings, ‘Others trash is others treasure’. Every time I heard the word thank you, I feel that I am lift up. A music to my ears that I wanted to dance with it.

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