Summer Treat….

As my sister’s promised to treat us to beach this summer, we did it today.  I am very excited because I missed swimming to beach.  And my nieces also are very happy and excited because they are going to wear again the swimsuit my sister bought for them.  Funny thing is my 7 years old niece woke up 5:00 o’clock in the morning, wakes up her sister saying, wake up because we are going to beach today.  Kids are always be kids.

At beach I can see it in there eyes that they are having fun.  Even though they don’t know how to swim, they are trying there best to swim in their own way.  They really like to swim, even told me we will stay and live  Swimming and eating from time to time makes the day more memorable for the family.   It is  a good bonding with the family, sunday is our family day and celebrates it in beach is awesome.  The only person that is missing is my younger brother who is not been home for months.  Madly in love with his girlfriend and forgot he has a family.  Even with those smiles in our faces, deep inside we are sad because we missed him.  Wanted him to be there and celebrates with us. 

We went home very tired but very happy.   It is a very memorable day for the family, because we also celebrates the birthday of my father.  Late birthday celebration for her, even she passed away we still do celebrates her birthday.  I say thank your for my sister because of her treat, we have a wonderful bonding that makes the family more closer together. 

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