Becoming a Responsible One…

Back when I was a kid, my mother teach and train us to do some household chores. She said we have to learn to those things for when the time she will not be a round, we will know how to do it on our own. Maybe she knew she will die and leave us early because she keep on saying those words to us. Unfortunately my mother died when I was 9 years old. So sad and feel that something in our hearts are missing. We always remember her teaching us those things because we become a responsible one at a very young age. Although we missed those times when kids do play, because instead of playing we do things at home. And I want to teach my niece also for her to become a responsible one.

It has been months that I am teaching my 7 years old niece to wash dishes, sweep the floor and arrange their toys. I smiled because she hates doing the dishes. She complains because she gets her dress wet after doing it. Eventhough she doesn’t like it, I still want her to do it for her to know how to be careful to those fragile things. Today I went to the doctor with my sister for her check up. When we got home at around 4:00 in the afternoon, I was surprise because the dishes are clean, the kitchen is clean and the floor. I asked my father who washed the dishes, and found out that my niece done it. I am so proud of her because she did the one thing she hates do. I kiss her, hug and say thank you to her. As I can see she is becoming a responsible kids. And my teaching is not going to be wasted. I am happy that I am able to teach her and she follows also.

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