Accidents in Life…( is it true?)

We always heard that, everything happens for a reason. A reason that no one can tell what is it. And it is true, we just find it hard to understand why it happens to us. Every people we meet will have a role in our lives be it small or big. It gives us lessons in life and lessons to learn from them. We can’t choose whom we meet and love along the journey of life. Some people will hurt, betray and makes us cry. Things that we might think of bad things to other and we even wish them bad things also. But we have to give credit to these people we meet for they make us stronger.

People we meet along the way will teach us also realizing our mistakes, makes us grow and be the person that we can be. They sometimes inspires us because of the love they give to us. They make us feel complete when we felt empty and something is missing. They fill the emptiness we felt inside. Though it is not guaranteed that this someone will be with always, at least we can say that they make us feel important. There is no such things as meeting by accidents for things happens for a reason. And one of these reasons is to make us felt love and make us feel we are human. We meet them for the right accident for it molds us into a better, stronger and lovable person.

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