Bodies in the Water..

Aside from gym workouts, we can do exercise in the water. Water exercise can help build our stamina, strengthen our heart and lungs. It is another alternative aside from doing workouts in the gym.

These are the benefits of exercising underwater:
1. Stronger heart and lungs. Asthmatic people cam benefit from it because going under water does not constrict the airways. the lukewarm temperature of the water also helps.
2. Stamina and endurance. Doing it daily produce fit and healthy body.
3. Less fluid loss. Since the exercise is done underwater, there is advantage of not sweating excessively.
4. Not as tiring as running, cycling and aerobics exercises.
5. Mental alertness. It contributes in improving mental processes, blood circulation and oxygen function.

Underwater exercise is exciting because you are enjoying and at the same time losing some weight. Plus you can bring the whole family as if you are having a picnic. Doing it with family is even more fun. Hope this underwater exercise will catch everybody’s attention and try this once. Because we can get lots of benefits from doing it. Good luck and lets get physical!

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