Missing My Mother

Mothers are the one whom we honored for giving us the life. For nine months in their womb, with all the pain she felt until she gave birth. It is right to give them recognition for the job well done. No one can compare the sacrifices of the mother to bare, guide and raise the child. In this reason, we have this mother’s day celebration that falls every second sunday of the month of May. The whole world is celebrating the mother’s day in giving thanks to them. Treating their mother, pampering them and others give presents in a way of saying thank you and deepest appreciation for the conditional love of the mother.

But to me, mother’s day is the most loneliest day of my life because mt mother passed away 22 years ago. We never get the chance to treat her and giving her presents. I want to kiss her and give her a hug on this very especial day but I cannot because she lives on the other side of the world. Double the pain because today is also her birthday. I envy those people who get to kiss and give their mother a hug on her day. They are very lucky to spend the day with their mother, have fun and eat together. We do celebrate mother’s day but on a different way. We go to cemetery, bring foods and eat there as if she is eating with us also. I always think, how life would be with a mother on our side. Though I know she is with us watching and in our hearts, the physical touch of love from her that I am missing so much. I only say happy mother’s day on a prayer for her. All the things that are happening to us right now, we want to share it with her. We feel that she is happy seeing us, her kids having their own life. Wherever you are, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU AND WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! What I am right now its because of you. Thanks to you!

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