In a relationship we do experience lots of trials and difficulties. We do have fights and misunderstanding that will lead to breaking up the relationship. We find it hard to reconcile and get things back to normal. Because of anger, we might do and say things that is not good and appropriate. Things that comes out in our mouth that we cannot get it back and all we have left is regrets. Wishing we shouldn’t say it. As they say the damage is already done.

When these things happens, all we need is space and get some time alone. Thinks things through and comes back when all is calm. We cannot attack fire by fire for it ended up the couple will explode. As we are alone, we may think those things we shared together, laughs, and cry. Thinking of those things makes as realize what we are missing for just a simple misunderstanding. Being sometime alone, is a good thing to weigh how much we miss the person. We are able to see how important that person to us and how much we wanted that person to be with us.

After thorough thinking and realizing how important that person is and how much we love that person. We can start a new and be reunited with that person. As they say, ‘love is lovelier the second time around’. That is very true, for we have gone all the trials and we overcome it. Learned from the past, grow and be mature enough to understand things. Love will lead that person back to you and vice versa.

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