Rules for a Clutter Free Home

A clutter can be dangerous. Too much paper clutter can make your home a fire hazard. A top closet full of things can suddenly fall and can hurt someone. Toys scattered all over floor can cause an accident. Clutter is never good for mind, body or spirit. We need to arrange things to avoid these accident. A things that is pleasant to the eyes to see. Organize things for us to locate things easily if we are looking for a certain things that we needed. It is very irritating to look for things that we can’t find easily.

Here are rules to keep your clutter in order.
1. Conquer paper clutter.
2. Be creative.
3. Designate a place for everything.
4. Give old things new life.
6. Minimize trouble spots.
7. Tidy up regularly.
8. Maximize yourself.
9. Use it or lose it.
10. Stop clutter before it begins.
11. Organize from the inside out.
12. Throw away or give away.
13. Get everything involved.
14. Scale back.
15. Simplify.

To my readers and to those who are visiting my blog and find time to read this, hope it will be a help for you and for us to organize our things and we all be free from clutter. This rules will help us in cleaning and arranging things inside our house. Enjoy reading and say bye bye to clutter.

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